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QR Heritage Driver Training – A few videos from Wed 21st April 2010

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

BB18¼ 1089 sits at Ipswich waiting to depart with the morning commute to the City and Shorncliffe (Photo: Dean Stalker)

On Monday 19th April – Wednesday 21st April, an unusual and unexpected opportunity was provided for commuters travelling between Ipswich and Shorncliffe on a post morning peak hour commute. Instead of the usual every day electric train pulling up, they were treated to the sight of a steam locomotive slowing to a stop ready to take them to their intended destinations.

A group of 3 drivers over three day were mentored by senior heritage drivers on the foot plate of BB18¼ 1089, hauling a water wagon (due to the lack of watering facilities for steam locomotives) and a 5 carriage strong SX Set. The below footage is from the day:

Interested in showing off your own footage, post them in the comments below (registration required)