Tips while Lineside

Do you have permission to be inside the railway fence line? No. Under no circumstances should anyone be inside railway property to gain an added vantage point. However yes, it does happen occasionally where one is to find themselves inside the railway boundary. Please keep in mind, if you are told to move on by a railway employee or the police – do so, if you refuse you may be liable for a fine.

If that is the case, be sure to keep in mind the following –

  • You should always be over 10m from the track centre at all times when inside railway property.
  • A position of safety is over 3m from the track centre.
  • Never cross tracks other than at provided crossing facilities (bridge, pedestrian crossing, subway, etc.) it is a $150 on the spot fine if these facilities are not used.
  • Be cautious of colours worn trackside –
    • Lemon Vest = Lookout
    • Orange Vest = Standard (this does not mean it is a ticket into railway property, you must have a reason to be there)
    • Big no nos – Red, Green, etc. These have been mistaken as signals/stop boards in the past.
  • Do not interfere with railway infrastructure – be it lever frames, points, ballast, signals, etc.
  • The Overhead Traction Wiring Equipment (or the overhead wires) is energised at 25kV 50Hz – lethal voltage, do not climb the masts (especially the lattice ones erected on the North Coast Line) or else you will end with the nickname ‘Char Grill’.

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