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English Electric 1200 Class

Monday, April 19th, 2010

The 1200 class was introduced in 1953. They were built at the Vulcan Foundry in the UK by English Electric and then imported to Australia. They were the only full width body loco used in Queensland.

The class were allocated to Mayne in Brisbane, and were worked from this yard their entire career. They were found hauling the ‘Sunlander’ and the ‘Sunshine Express’ trains between Brisbane and Cairns, but could also be found on the ‘Westlander’ between Brisbane and Roma.

A characteristic addition to the 1200 and 1250 class locomotives was a sun visor to help reduce glare 8 years after their construction in 1961.

By 1976, the last 1200 class turned a wheel in service.

1200 has been preserved in non-working order by the Australian Railway Historical Society Qld Division, and is currently stored at Redbank Workshops out in the open. It is thought this locomotive will require a replacement engine to be able to turn a wheel again.

1225 Notes

In 1984, 1208 was rebuilt into 1225. The rebuild used parts from 1252 and 1253, while the body was change to resemble a 1250 class loco. It earned the nickname ‘Hybrid’ after this work. 1225 remained in service until 1987, working mainly on the Wallangarra line. The loco is now privately owned, and is currently under active restoration by the Queensland Diesel Group. It will be moved to Queensland Pioneer Steam Railway at Swanbank for these works in mid-2010.

B16½ Class

Thursday, April 15th, 2010
Total Number of Engines Built 1
Engine Built 1918
Engine Written Off 1950
Number of Engines in Class on the Books as at:
31/12/00 31/12/10 31/12/20 31/12/30 31/12/40 31/12/50 31/12/60
1 1 1


Engine N°204 was an “experimental” engine in that it contained a number of unusual features. It was originally designed to burn coke in an attempt to reduce smoke nuisance caused by south east Queensland coal in Brisbane suburban tunnels. Coke burning proved unsuccessful and the engine operated burning various mixtures of coal and coke until the idea of coke as a fuel was finally abandoned. It was also the only engine to operate in Queensland with Southern Valve Gear and “Prairie” wheel arrangement. Other notable features were that it one of the first superheated engines and also the first to be fitted with a “wide” firebox. A new boiler was constructed in 1926 with a reduced grate area following the abandonment of coke fuel. The engine was originally fitted with the surplus tender from PB15 N° 411 that was altered to carry coke. This was later changed to a standard “C16” type to increase its potential range. The engine spent its working life in the Brisbane – Ipswich area mainly on coal trains. It was withdrawn from traffic in February 1950 as the post war engine shortage was being overcome and written off the books in September of that year.