C13 Dubs – Originally Small Consolation Class

Total Number of Engines Built 6
First Engine Built 1883
Last Engine Built 1883
First Engine Written Off 1922
Last Engine Written Off 1927


These engines were originally referred to as Small Consolations and later as C13 (Dubs) to distinguish them from the C13 engines built by Baldwin.

They were acquired for use on the Bundaberg and Maryborough Railways. Although based on the American designed 2-8-0, they were obtained from a British manufacturer to comply with government policy of the time. They were original built with diamond shaped chimneys, shallow fireboxes and short smokeboxes.

There were complaints that when the Bundaberg engines entered service they were pushing curves out of alignment on the Mount Perry Railway. This is not surprising as most of the line still consisted of 30lb rail as relaying with 41¼lb material had only recently commenced

The class was modified in 1904-05 with a raised boiler with deep firebox and extended smokebox. This improved their performance and gave them an appearance similar to the B13 Class.

In 1889 locomotives and rollingstock were consolidated into one rollingstock register. This resulted in most items, except those operating on the original Southern and Western Railway (from Ipswich), being renumbered. Numbers shown are state (or former S & W) numbers. Those in brackets are former numbers of individual railways.


MR – Maryborough Railway
BR – Bundaberg Railway based on (North) Bundaberg
Dubs – Dubs & Co, Glasgow

Technical Details
Wheel Arrangement2-8-02-8-0
Cylinders (diameter x stroke) ins.13 X 1613 X 16
Coupled Wheels diameter ins.3232
Boiler Pressure - psi.120150
Heating Surface - tubes509467
Heating Surface - Total sq. ft.566525
Grate Area - sq. ft.11.510.0
Weight - Adhesive19.119.1
Weight - Engine1823
Weight - Tender1818
Coal Capacity - tons33
Water Capacity - gallons13301330
Tractive Effort - lbs. (85%)7600 (75%)10140 (80%)
Factor of Adhesion5.634.21
Valve GearStephenson'sStephenson's
Class Roster

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