Comeng/QGR 2000 Class

The 2000 class railmotors were first built in 1956 for suburban duties around the Brisbane area. They were built with three different cars – Driver Motor Car with luggage space (streamlined), Driver Trailer Car with luggage space (non-streamlined) and also a Driver Motor Car without luggage space.

The 2000 class has been seen on duties nearly everywhere in the state. The majority of the class has been withdrawn unfortunately. The last suburban service run by a 2000 was the Corinda-Yeerongpilly shuttle which was subsequently taken over by an electric ICE set and now has been discontinued.

The only 2000 class railmotors run by QR is the three-car set at Ipswich Workshops and the air-conditioned inspection set based in Central Queensland. The Savannahlander (Cairns – Forsayth) is now run by CKSR.

A number of 2000s are preserved and operational with preservation groups along the east coast of Australia.

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Preserved Locomotives
2006Zig Zag RailwayLithgow, NSW
2011Zig Zag RailwayLithgow, NSW
2014Mt. Morgan RailwayMt. Morgan Qld
2016Zig Zag RailwayLithgow, NSW
2017Mary Valley Heritage RailwayGympie Qld
2020Zig Zag RailwayLithgow, NSW
2023Mary Valley Heritage RailwayGympie Qld
2024QR Heritage DivisionThe Workshops, Ipswich
2033ARHS-Qld DivisionRosewood Railway Museum
2034QR Heritage DivisionThe Workshops, Ipswich
2036QR Heritage DivisionThe Workshops, Ipswich
2038ARHS-Qld DivisionRosewood Railway Museum
2051Zig Zag RailwayLithgow, NSW
2055Zig Zag RailwayLithgow, NSW
2057QR Heritage DivisionThe Workshops, Ipswich
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