Walkers/MTU Diesel Tilt Train

The Walkers/MTU/Hitachi Diesel Tilt Train consists of a 10 car consist. Each power car is powered by two German MTU engines, which apply power to the axles via a hydraulic gearbox as opposed to electric traction motors. The diesel-hydraulic method has been used in Germany for decades and was at one stage preferred over diesel-electric methods.

The livery uses silver, yellow and maroon as its prominent colours, to which the Electric Tilt Train has also adopted recently during overhaul.

The train will be able to complete the journey between Brisbane and Cairns in 27 hours, reaching speeds of up to 160km/h in some sections.

Much to the disgust of some, the government has chosen not to purchase sleepers for the Cairns Tilt Train. This will probably make the CTT ideal for short trips between Townsville and Cairns instead of the full Brisbane – Cairns runs.

One of the Diesel Tilt Train sets was out of action for more than a year and a half due to a derailment in 2005 at Avondale north of Bundaberg. The cars were progressively rebuilt at EDI Maryborough, and returned to service in 2007.

Unfortunately the Diesel Tilt Train was involved in a fatal level crossing accident on 27th November 2008 near Cardwell, Qld. DTD 5403 was written off in the accident, the drivers tragically did not survive the crash.

More information about the Cairns Tilt Train is available from QR’s offical site

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Technical Details
Running NumbersDTD (Power Units) 5401-5404
DTL (Sitting Car) 7402-7404
DTP (Sitter with Disabled Persons Access) 7406, 7407, 7413, 7414
DTC (Dining/Lounge Cars) 7405-7412
DTB (Luggage/Crew Cars) 7401/7408
Maximum Service Speed160km/h
GaugeNarrow Gauge (1,067mm or 3' 6")
Train Seating Capacity183
- Power Car
- Trailer Car

Wheel Diameter
- Power Cars
- Trailer Cars

Length over Couplers
- Power Cars
- Trailer Cars

Bogie Centres
- Power Cars
- Trailer Cars

Bogie Wheelbase
- Power Cars
- Trailer Cars

Diesel Engine Rating
- Each Power Car

2x 1350kW (1810HP)
Aux Power
- Each Power Car
2x 150kW (201HP)
Brake System
- Power Cars
- Trailer Car

Hydro-dynamic brake with blended Electro-Pneumatic disc brakes
Electro-pneumatic Disc Brakes
Train Operating Range1000km
Angle of Body Tilt
Design Static Draft Load900kN
Compressive End Load1,800kN
Class Roster