EDI/Bombardier Interurban Multiple Unit 100 series (IMU100)

The IMUs were introduced especially for the Gold Coast Railway in 1996, but are not necessarily restricted to this line as they also operate some Nambour services and now the Airport services.

As with the EMUs and SMUs, these units are fully air conditioned with window tinting and woollen carpets. The IMUs are fitted with a mobility impaired access toilet, upgraded seating, luggage racks and storage spaces. Hearing impaired commuters are able to make use of the hearing aid loop to hear public address announcements. The IMUs are also fitted with full video surveillance and emergency communication systems.

Train drivers have access to full computerised information about the performance of the train, while other computers go about their task of controlling the GTO (gate turn-off) thyristor three phase traction converter and three phase electric traction motors.

The trains were produced by Walkers Ltd. Maryborough in association with Adtranz of Switzerland who provided the traction, auxiliary and computer control systems.

In 2001, the IMUs were upgraded with features for disabled commuters including painting the commuter doors yellow for the visually impaired and installation of longitudinal seating for easier wheelchair access.

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Technical Details
Unit Numbers101-110
GaugeNarrow Gauge (1,067mm or 3' 6")
Length when coupled (3-car unit)72,422mm
Bogie Centres17,000mm
Bogie Wheelbase2,500mm
Wheel Diameter840mm
Height over Roofline3,872mm
Height of Floor1,100mm
Speed140km/h (87.5mph)
Traction Rating8 x 180kW
Car Designations
- Driver Motor Car
- Motor Car
- Driver Trailer Car

Unit ConsistDM-M-DT
Tare Weight
- DM
- M
- DT

Seating Capacity
- DM
- M
- DT

Maximum Acceleration0.68m/s²
Maximum Service Brake1.1m/s²
Traction Motor Control1 GTO Thyristor converter per 8 asynchronous AC traction motors
TransmissionBogie suspended traction motor through cardan shaft
Gear Ratio1:4.367
Brake SystemBlended regenerative electric and electro pneumatic
Auxiliary System2 x 100kVA three phase static converters
Climate Control2 x roof mounted air conditioners per car each with 30kW cooling capacity
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