B11 Baldwin Class

Total Number of Engines Built 2
First Engine Built 1879
Last Engine Built 1879
First Engine Written Off 1913
Last Engine Written Off 1917


These small engines were ordered for the Great Northern Railway. They had remarkable careers with numerous changes in ownership.

The first one to be assembled in Townsville was sold to a contractor before it had even entered service. It was later repurchased only to be again resold to the same contractor. Repurchased again it was then sold to Cairns-Mulgrave Tramway only to be returned when tramway assets were acquired under the North Coast Railway Act.

The second engine had a similar career being sold to a contractor and later repurchased. It was later shipped to Bowen and then sold to the Bowen Proserpine Tramway only to return when the tramway assets were acquired under the North Coast Railway Act. Finally it was sold to Mount Cuthbert Mine.

Their small coupled wheels restricted their speed but made then suitable for construction work and shunting. Cairns N°3 was hired for a time to John Robb, the contractor who built the Cairns – Kuranda Railway.

In 1889 locomotives and rollingstock were consolidated into one rollingstock register. This resulted in most items, except those operating on the original Southern and Western Railway (from Ipswich), being renumbered. Numbers shown are state (or former S & W) numbers. Those in brackets are former numbers of individual railways.


GNR – Great Northern Railway based on Townsville
BN – Bowen Railway based on Bowen
CS – Cairns Railway based on Cairns
Baldwin – Baldwin Locomotive Works, Philadelphia USA

Technical Details
Wheel Arrangement2-6-0
Cylinders (diameter x stroke) ins.11 X 14
Coupled Wheels diameter ins.32
Length36' 2"
Boiler Pressure - psi.130
Weight - Adhesive13.9
Weight - Engine16.4
Weight - Tender10
Coal Capacity - tons2.85
Water Capacity - gallons600
Tractive Effort - lbs. (85%)5506
Factor of Adhesion4.74
Valve GearStephenson's
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