A12 – Originally American Passenger Class

Total Number of Engines Built 43
First Engine Built 1882
Last Engine Built 1891
First Engine Written Off 1901
Last Engine Written Off 1929


These engines were a larger version of the earlier similar engines imported from Baldwin in 1877. Other than buffers, they were typical of American locomotives of that time. They were capable of a good speed with their larger coupled wheels and were used on important passenger trains. Some of these engines had diamond shaped chimneys incorporating a spark arrestor and were fitted with steam brakes. The last ten of the order had extended smokeboxes. They were rated to haul 60 tons up the Main Range to Toowoomba.

Following the success of the eighteen imported engines, a contract for twenty five similar machines was let to local manufacturer, Evans Anderson and Phelan. These engines were fitted with Westinghouse Brakes when constructed. The average cost of the locally built products was £2,318 each.

The original wagon top boilers were later replaced with standard round top ones with higher working pressure of 140psi. Despite this increase, they were found to be under powered as train loads increased. At the turn of the century, CME Nisbet claimed they had outlived their usefulness. The last engine built lasted only eleven years though some lingered on in less demanding roles.

In 1910, Ipswich Workshops manufactured six new boilers with steel fireboxes and steel tubes for the remaining members of the class, but only four were ever fitted.

N° 66 was the last of the class to be withdrawn. It spent its final years hauling weed spray trains in the Toowoomba District.

In 1889 locomotives and rollingstock were consolidated into one rollingstock register. This resulted in most items, except those operating on the original Southern and Western Railway (from Ipswich ), being renumbered. Numbers shown are state (or former S & W) numbers. Those in brackets are former numbers of individual railways.


CR – Central Railway based on Rockhampton

Baldwin – Baldwin Locomotive Works Philadelphia USA

EAP – Evans, Anderson and Phelan and Company, Brisbane

Technical Details
Wheel Arrangement4-4-04-4-0
Cylinders (diameter x stroke) ins.12 X 1812 X 18
Coupled Wheels diameter ins.4848
Boiler Pressure - psi.120120
Heating Surface - tubes493493
Heating Surface - Total sq. ft.554554
Grate Area - sq. ft.10.810.8
Weight - Adhesive10.410.4
Weight - Engine20.420.9
Weight - Tender15.115.1
Coal Capacity - tons4.04.0
Water Capacity - gallons10001000
Tractive Effort - lbs. (85%)4860 (75%)6050 (80%)
Factor of Adhesion4.793.85
Valve GearStephenson'sStephenson's
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