A11 – Originally Large A Class

Total Number of Engines Built 1
First Engine Built 1877
Last Engine Built 1877
First Engine Written Off 1902
Last Engine Written Off 1902


The Baldwin Locomotive Works was making it known in the 1870s that they could provide cheaper locomotives than British manufacturers. Although H Horniblow, Locomotive Superintendent agreed their prices were initially cheaper, he expressed doubts as to whether the engines would be a robust as their British counterparts. It was decided to obtain a similar engine from Britain for comparison. The cost of this engine was £2,226. It was supplied as a 2-4-0 but was found to have weight distribution problems. This was overcome by converting it to 4-4-0 in April 1888 by fitting a four wheel Baldwin style front bogie. The original four wheel tender was replaced with a six wheel one with larger capacity in 1889.


Vulcan – Vulcan Foundry UK

Technical Details
Wheel Arrangement2-4-04-4-0
Cylinders (diameter x stroke) ins.11 X 1811 X 18
Coupled Wheels diameter ins.4242
Boiler Pressure - psi.120120
Weight - Adhesive10.011.2
Weight - Engine15.717.2
Weight - Tender11.215.0
Coal Capacity - tons2.53
Water Capacity - gallons7501000
Tractive Effort - lbs. (85%)4670 (75%)4670 (75%)
Factor of Adhesion4.84.8
Valve GearStephenson'sStephenson's
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