8D15 Class

Total Number of Engines Built 5
First Engine Built 1885
Last Engine Built 1885
First Engine Written Off 1922
Last Engine Written Off 1938


Locomotive Engineer Horniblow had been advocating for sometime that heavy tank engines be obtained for the increasing goods and mineral traffic and for working on the Main Range to Toowoomba. His request was granted and in 1884 and Dubs & Coy were contracted to supply five engines. Three were retained at Ipswich and two sent north. Other than the C16 Baldwin Class they were the most powerful engines in service at that time. They earned the nickname “Donald Dinnies” after a then famous strong man. The engines were found to oscillate especially on bridges but this was overcome by adding 1400lbs of counter balance weights. Those in the Central Division were restricted from longer journeys by their small bunker and side tank capacity and a decision was reached in 1890 to fit them with B13 class tenders. All engines were reboilered in 1903. The tender engines survived until 1938.

In 1889 locomotives and rollingstock were consolidated into one rollingstock register. This resulted in most items, except those operating on the original Southern and Western Railway (from Ipswich ), being renumbered. Numbers shown are state (or former S & W) numbers. Those in brackets are former numbers of individual railways.


CR – Central Railway based on Rockhampton

Dubs – Dubs & Coy, Glasgow

Technical Details
 OriginalTenderTank with 1903 BoilerTender with 1903 Boiler
Wheel Arrangement2-8-2T2-8-02-8-2T2-8-0
Cylinders (diameter x stroke) ins.15 X 2015 X 2015 X 2015 X 20
Coupled Wheels diameter ins.36363636
Boiler Pressure - psi.130130150130
Heating Surface - tubes630630590590
Heating Surface - Total sq. ft.703703662662
Grate Area - sq. ft.13.313.314.014.0
Weight - Adhesive25.8124.626.124.9
Weight - Engine35.128.435.128.7
Weight - Tender----
Coal Capacity - tons2.042.04.0
Water Capacity - gallons1000140010001000
Tractive Effort - lbs. (85%)13000130001500015000
Factor of Adhesion4.444.234.03.71
Valve GearStephenson'sStephenson'sStephenson'sStephenson's
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