6D11½ Motor Class

Total Number of Engines Built 3
First Engine Built 1882
Last Engine Built 1882
First Engine Written Off 1902
Last Engine Written Off 1902


Three steam trams and six trailers were delivered to Brisbane in 1883 for a proposed street tramway from Ann Street to Petrie Bight. The tramway was never built and the rollingstock lay idle as it were considered unsuitable for railway work. During the following year, pressure for passenger service on the new Racecourse ( Ascot ) line brought the suggestion that they might be useful for workman’s trains. A trial trip from Ipswich to Brisbane confirmed previously held views that they were not fit for main line work. The first one was used to shunt at Ipswich and South Brisbane Wharf and the other two were later despatched to Maryborough to shunt the wharf there. The Maryborough duo were returned south in 1893 and spent their final days in the Ipswich & Bundamba area.


Kitson – Kitson & Coy, Leeds
W/O – Written off the register

* Tram series numbers

Technical Details
Wheel Arrangement0-6-0T
Cylinders (diameter x stroke) ins.11½ X 15
Coupled Wheels diameter ins.30
Boiler Pressure - psi.120
Grate Area - sq. ft.7.6
Weight - Adhesive12.3
Weight - Engine12.3
Weight - Tender-
Coal Capacity - tons0.5
Water Capacity - gallons180
Tractive Effort - lbs. (85%)5950
Factor of Adhesion4.63
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