Goninan/GE 2800 Class

The 2800 class was first introduced into service in 1995. The entire class was built out of Goninan’s Bohle factory near Townsville.

With the decision not to extend electrification to Townsville, the 2800 class was ordered to work freight and passenger services on the Rockhampton-Cairns and Townsville-Mount Isa routes. They are all based at Stuart, near Townsville.

The 2800s originally worked the majority of freights out of Rockhampton to the far north and also a number of mineral trains on the Mt. Isa line. With the recent decision for through running of freights, they are now hauling freights out of Brisbane while the 3900s are displaced into coal traffic. Because the 2800s were originally built for traffic north of Rockhampton, they were built with a larger than normal rollingstock outline. Due to this, they have many restrictions on what lines they may travel on south of Caboolture. To prevent misrouting on these routes, the class has been assigned a special train type designation in the train numbering … Y (eg. YC49)

A number of 2800s were being prepared for conversion to standard gauge, with 2819 being the first and only candidate. 2819 has spent time on banking duties in the Adelaide Hills, as well as other QRNational intermodal services between Brisbane and Perth. In early 2010, 2819 was forwarded to Forrestfield in Western Australia and placed back on Narrow Gauge bogies. It will be renumbered to PA2819 as an extension to the ARG P Class, and repainted in ARG livery.

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Technical Details
Model NumberCM30-8
BuilderGoninan, Bohle Townsville
Locomotive Numbers2801-2818; 2820-2850; PA2819
Number in Class50
GaugeNarrow Gauge (1,067mm or 3' 6")
AxlesOº-Oº-Oº Oº-Oº-Oº
EngineGE 7FDL-12
Generator/AlternatorGE GMG192H1
Traction MotorsGE 761-ANR-2
Power2380kW / 3190HP
Starting Tractive Effort417kN @ 30% adhesion
Continuous Tractive Effort266kN @ 26km/h
Speed110km/h (68.75mph)
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