English Electric 1300 Class

The 1300 Class were introduced into service in 1967. They were built by English Electric Australia at Rocklea. The locos are almost identical to the 1270 class except for an upgraded engine and a few other minor differences.

The primary use for the 1300s was for coal from the Moura and Blackwater mines, with these locos being based at Gladstone. They were also used in general freight traffic. Known as the ‘Poms’, they were perhaps not as reliable as some of the other classes.

After the 1986 electrification in the Bowen Basin coalfields, the class became surplus to requirements and were subsequently sold to TasRail to become their ZC class and a couple went from there to become Morrison Knudsen Australia’s MKA class at Whyalla. Around a quarter of the 1300 class didn’t have their numbers changed to the ZC class; these locos often ended up as a source of spare parts. The MKA rebuilds were sent to Malaysia in 2002, and have recently returned for use by Pacific National in Queensland and subsequently, Tasmania.

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Technical Details
Model NumberM195CX
BuilderEnglish Electric Australia, Rocklea
Locomotive Numbers1300-1344
Number in Class45
GaugeNarrow Gauge (1,067mm or 3' 6")
AxlesOº-Oº-Oº Oº-Oº-Oº
EngineEE 12SVT
Generator/AlternatorEE 822
Traction MotorsEE 548
Power1339kW / 1795HP
Starting Tractive Effort267kN @ 30% adhesion
Continuous Tractive Effort216kN @ 17km/h
Speed80km/h (50mph)
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