Comeng/Alco 80 Class

The Comeng/Alco 80 Class were built in 1978 by Comeng at Granville utilising Alco powerplants and Mitsubishi traction equipment. The 80 Class initially entered service with the State Rail Authority, NSW and subsequently were passed down through to new owners in the form of Freightrail/Freightcorp and subsequently Pacific National. Half the class now remains in Pacific National hands, while the remainder have been sold off to Silverton as the 80s class.

The 80 Class has shrunk in recent years with a number of class members going the way of spare parts and the scrappers torch. However they can still be found on regular shunting duties around NSW, SA, QLD and even at one stage WA. As our focus is on QLD operations of the class, an 80 class is currently stationed at Acacia Ridge as the SG shunt along side a Clyde/GM 81 Class. Members of the class have also visited Acacia Ridge briefly with the ARTC AK Inspection Cars.

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Technical Details
Model NumberCE615A
BuilderComeng, Granville NSW
Locomotive Numbers8001-8050
GaugeStandard Gauge (1,438mm or 4' 8½")
AxlesOº-Oº-Oº Oº-Oº-Oº
EngineALCO 12-251CE
Generator/AlternatorMitsubishi 2-B2-288P-01
tractionmotorsMitsubishi MB-451-BVR
(8031-50 originally MB-515-AVR
Power1605kW / 2150HP
Starting Tractive Effort356kN @ 30% adhesion
Continuous Tractive Effort273kN @ 18km/h
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