Clyde/GM BL Class

The BLs were built by Clyde under license from GM in the early 1980s for Australian National for use on Intercapital freights. They have seen service with AN, National Rail and now Pacific National. These locomotives are used on a number of different duties including ore trains, broad gauge steel trains to Long Island, Vic, and East Coast Banking duties. The BLs seen in Queensland are generally coupled between two NRs for banking duties on the East Coast between Melbourne and Brisbane.

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Technical Details
Model NumberJT26C-2SS
BuilderClyde Engineering, Rosewater
Locomotive NumbersBL26-35
Number in Class10
GaugeStandard Gauge (1,435mm or 4' 8½")
Broad Gauge (5' 3" or 1600mm)
AxlesOº-Oº-Oº Oº-Oº-Oº
EngineEMD 16-645E3
Generator/AlternatorEMD AR16
Traction MotorsEMD D77B
Power2460kW / 3300HP
Starting Tractive Effort465kN @ 30% adhesion
Continuous Tractive Effort337kN @ 18km/h
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